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51 Years Award Winning Landscape Service

51 Years Award Winning Landscape Service

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Our philosophy is simple.

We strive to create harmony in your life with a landscape design that fits your personality, lifestyle, and home architecture. We believe that landscaping should be "lived in" and enjoyed — not set up like a museum to be seen and not touched.

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Your first meeting with us will take about an hour. We will visit your property to get a feel for your ideas and the space to be landscaped. Our experts will ask you questions about your lifestyle, outdoor needs, and budget, and work with you to map out a plan for your new landscape design.

Our main objective:

Your complete satisfaction.

Whether you are changing an existing landscape or starting from scratch, we have the ideas and knowledge to get the job done right the first time!

Add interest, fragrance, and color to your landscape.

Give the exterior of your office or business a whole new look.

Refresh your lawn with unique landscaping.

Quality design and expert work at prices you can afford.

Define the boundaries and edges of your home.

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Enhance the living, horticultural elements of your lawn and garden with our professional advice and expert installation and maintenance. FREE estimates!

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Often, what you say you need and how you envision your landscaping do not exactly match up. We have over 40 years of landscape design experience, so you can rest assured your results will perfectly match your expectations when you hire Ed's Landscaping.


We will give you a written bid with each item and a price attached, so there are no surprises at the end. We have original and creative ideas and have numerous awards to show for our meticulous work. Want to see some referrals? Just ask! We are happy to send you a referral list.